About Us

Intelligent Mind Solutions, LLC was formed to bridge the gap between leading edge technology and healthcare. Our prime objective is to provide these professionals with intelligent, cloud-based solutions to manage their electronic patient records with minimal effort. By spending less time in front of a computer, our clients are able to allocate more time to what matters most….their patients.

Our mission is use the most robust coding technologies and deliver complete software solutions that are accessible on any device from computer desktops to tablets to mobile phones, without the need for downloading or installing “apps” or other pieces of software. Our cloud-based solution architecture has a promised 99.9% up-time, reliable worry-free backup and recovery strategies, and our clients are always up-to-date with the latest version release.

Intelligent Mind Solutions is committed to innovative excellence. Our staff has a combined 25+ years of experience designing and developing solutions for various markets such as healthcare, government, insurance, utility billing, and telecommunications. All of our development, quality control, technical support and implementations are done in-house. Our focus and commitment consist of engaging our clients and being able to get them involved with our process so as to deliver quality solutions that further fit their business needs. It is this commitment that has lead to our early and continued success.